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geography questions and answers

geography quiz Questions and answers 200+


in which country was the 1st neutral stands summit held?
– Belgrade of Yugoslavia in 1961 AD.

in which country in Lake Superior Situated?
– Canada

Which country is called the Bowl of Sugar?
– Cuba

Which is the newest born nation of the world?

– South Sudan

What is the present name of Awisinai?
– Ethiopia

Where is the headquarters of WIPO located?
– Geneva

Which country is called the key to the Mediterranean sea?
– Gibraltar

What is the Geological name of ‘Regolith’?
– Top Soil

Which country sent many ‘Kamikaze’ suicide pilots in 1945?

Which canal separates North America and South America?
– Panama canal

Vasco de Gama was native of :
– Portugal

What is the approximate age of the earth?
– 4.5 Billion years

What is the ancient name of Thailand?
– Siam

What percent of Nepal’s total land is occupied by the forest?


geography quiz Questions and answers 200+


How many national parks are there in Nepal?
– 10

What is the total area of khaptad Rashtriya Nikunja?
– 225 sq. km.

What is the diameter of the moon? Answer in km.
– 3474.8 km.

What is the capacity of the Khimti Hydroelectricity project?
– 50 Megawatt

What is Chicago famous for?
– Automobile

What is the area of land on the earth? Tell the area in square miles:
– 57,308,738 sq. miles

What is the average East-West length of Nepal?
– 885km.

What is known as the ‘Blue Eye of Siberia’?
-Baikal Lake

What is the capital of Egypt?
– Cairo

Which is the largest island in the world?
– Greenland

Which city is known by the name of the city of temples?
– Kathmandu

Which lake is the source of Nile?
– Lake victoria

Which country lies to the west of Sikkim?
– Nepal

What is the capital of Cyprus?
– Nicosia

What do the Japanese call their country?
– Nippon

Which two countries were separated by ‘the 17 Parallels?

– North and South Vietnam

What is the capital of Canada?
– Ottawa

Which is the deepest ocean in the world?
– Pacific Ocean

Red Cliff Line separates which two countries?
– Pakistan and India

America was declared independent on 4th July 1776. In which city was the declaration signed?
– Philadelphia

What is the capital of Morocco?

– Rabat

Which is the largest desert in the world?
– Sahara Desert (After Antarctica)

Where is the first water canal, the Chandra Nahar built by Chandra Shamsher?
– Saptari district, Fatthepur


Which country is known as the ‘land of the white elephants”?
– Thailand

Which is the longest river in the world?
– Nile

What is the capital of Libya?
– Tripoli

Who was the first explorer travel around the world in 80 days?
– Nellie Bly (1889), an American Journalist

Who has credited the first rigorous system of latitude and longitude lines?
– Hipparchus

What is the most southerly point in South America?
– Cape horn

Which is the planet nearest to the earth?
– Venus

What are the capital and chief port of Papua New Guinea?
– Port Moresby

Which former country was also known as the GDR?
– East Germany

Which country was known by the Romans as Caledonia?
– Scottland

Which African Country was formerly called upper volta?
– Burkina Faso

What is the name of the country formerly known as Nyasaland?
– Malawi

Which two bodies of water are connected by the straits of Florida?
– The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico

Outside of Antarctica, what is the largest desert in the world?
– The Sahara Desert in Africa

What is another name for the world’s second-highest mountain, Godwin Austen?
– K2

Which African country was formerly called French Sudan?
– Mali

What is the official language of the Central American Country El Salvador?
– Spanish

In which Ocean does Iceland lie?
– Atlantic

What is the name of the British territory on the Iberian peninsula?
– Gibraltar

What is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea?
– Sicily


Which county takes its name from the Latin word for ‘Southern’s?
– Australia

What is the latitude of the Equator?
– 0 degree

What is the largest city in South Africa?
– Johannesburg

Which US state is known as ‘The Heart of Dixie’?
– Alabama

Which is Australia’s largest city by population?
– Sydney

At the mouth of which river is Hong Kong situated?
– Perl river

Which are the countries linked by Karakoram Highway?
– China and Pakistan

In which part of the world is the river snake?

What is the latitude of South Pole?
– 90 degrees

On the globe, the latitude and longitude intersect at what angle?
– 90 degrees.

From where the longest circle which can be drawn from earth’s surface will pass?
– will pass through the Equator.

Which countries are located on the Greenwich meridian?
– Algeria, Guinea, Iceland.

What is called ‘a fertile land in a desert?
– oasis.

What geographical feature would you find at the mouth of a river?
– Delta.

Where is the world’s largest rain forest?
– The Amazon basin.

Which continent is known as the peninsula of peninsulas?
– Europe.

Which is the largest country in Asia?
– China.

Which is the smallest continent?
– Australia.

Which continent was found out at last?
– Antarctica.

When has Christopher Columbus found out America?
– 1422 AD.

When had Robert Piari found out the North Pole?
– 1909.

Which is the busiest channel in the world?
– Panama Channel.

Who was the designer of Swiss cannel?
– Ferdinand De Lesseps.

Which countries are known Nordic countries?
– Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland.

Which river flows through seven countries?
– Danube.

Which city is known as the city of immortal martyrs?
– Rome.

Which city has its sub-name ‘City with Spring ever’?
– Quisto.

Which is the largest landlocked country according to the area?
– Magnolia.

Which is the smallest landlocked country?
– Vatican

What is the borderline between Russia and Finland called?

– Mannerheim Line

Who is the first to travel the South Pole?
-Roald Amundsen

Who found out Tibet?
– Odoric

Which is the busiest Ocean of the World?
– Pacific Ocean



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