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Β πŸ’‘ Which language does ‘NE’ means center and ‘PA’ a country?
– Newari

πŸ’‘ Which is the Chinese word that meant Nepal?
– Nipolo

πŸ’‘ Which dynasty ruled first in Kathmandu valley?

– Gopal dynasty

πŸ’‘ Who is the first king of the Gopal dynasty?
– Bhuktaman

πŸ’‘ Who ruled in Nepal after the Gopal dynasty?
– Mahispal dynasty

πŸ’‘ What is the other name of the Mahesh dynasty?
– Avir dynasty

πŸ’‘ Who is the first king of the Abhir dynasty?
– Bhuwan Singh

πŸ’‘ Which dynasty defeated the Abhir dynasty?
– Kirant dynasty

πŸ’‘ Who is the first king of the Kirant dynasty?
– Yalambar

πŸ’‘ Which king built the Kailashkut palace?
– Amshuvarma

πŸ’‘ Who established Bhaktapur?
– Ananda Dev

πŸ’‘ Who was the last king of the Abhir Dynasty?
– Bhuwan Singh

πŸ’‘ Which dynasty started to rule after the Kirant dynasty?
– Soma dynasty

πŸ’‘ When was Lord Buddha born at Lumbini in Nepal?
-623 BC

πŸ’‘ Who was the last king of the Gopal Dynasty?
– Yaksha Gupta

πŸ’‘ During which period emperor Ashoka come to Nepal?
– 14th Kiranti king Sthunko


πŸ’‘ What was a king called in the age of ‘Veda’?
– Gop

πŸ’‘ Which old stone writing of Nepal Bhasha and when was it written?
– Sankhu Bajrayogini, 293 N.S. (Nepal Sambat)

πŸ’‘ Who is the first attributed king as ‘Crown Prince and His Majesty King’?
– Anshuvarma

πŸ’‘ Who is the first king to bring ‘Money in practice’?
– Mandev (Manank Mudra in Nepali)

πŸ’‘ Which age is known as the Golden Age in the history of Nepal?
– Lichchhavi Age

πŸ’‘ When was accomplished the ‘Vetrabati Treaty’?
– 1849 BS.

πŸ’‘ Who was first killed in Bhandarkhal Parba?


πŸ’‘ Who was first killed in 42-year Massacre?
– Ranodip Singh

πŸ’‘ Who was the last Rana Prime Minister of Nepal?
– Mohan Shamsher

πŸ’‘ When had divine artist Arniko departed to China?
– 1310 BS.

πŸ’‘ When was the first strike held at the government office in Nepal?
– Jephthah 19, 2009 BS.

πŸ’‘ When did fire catch at Singh Darbar?
– Asar 25, 2030 BS.

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πŸ’‘ When was the first air crash in Nepal?
– Kartik 20, 2017 BS.

πŸ’‘ When was the first airplane landed in Nepal?
– Baishakh 11, 2006 BS.

πŸ’‘ When was the first airplane hijacked in Nepal?
– Jestha 28, 2030 BS.

πŸ’‘ Who had led the Nepalese Army in Tibet War?
– Damodar Pandey

πŸ’‘ Who was the P.M., when library parba was held?
– Bhim Shamsher

πŸ’‘ Who was the P.M. when Makai Parba took place?
– Chandra Shamsher

πŸ’‘ Who made Railway service from Jankpur to Jayanagar?
-Juddha Samsher

πŸ’‘ What was the name of police who were appointed in the hilly region of Nepal during Chandra Shamsher’s Region in Nepal?
– Milishia

πŸ’‘ Which king found the inscription written in 15 different languages at the Hanuman Dhoka?
– Pratap Malla

πŸ’‘ ‘If I die my country will not collapse but if Bhimsen dies our country will collapse? who said this?
– Rana Bahadur Shah

πŸ’‘ Where were Gangalal Shrestha and Dashrath Chandra executed?
– Shova Bhagabati

πŸ’‘ Who said the quotation. ‘Pandayko Dhal Ra Basnetko Tarbarle
– Shree 5 Prithivi Narayan Shah


πŸ’‘ Who built Krishna Mandir?
– Siddhi Narsingh Malla

πŸ’‘ in which King’s rule have Muslims entered in Nepal?
– Ratna Mallas

πŸ’‘ What was the name of Bhrikuti’s father?
– King Amshuverma

πŸ’‘ Present Shahidgate was given which name when it was first established?
– Nepal Smarak


πŸ’‘ Who has crowned Miss Nepal in 1996?
– Poonam Ghimire

πŸ’‘ Who took out Dev Shumsher from his status and became the Prime Minister?
– Shree 3 Chandra Shumsher

πŸ’‘ Who became the Prime Minister after the death of Juddha Shamsher?
– Shree 3 Padma Shumsher

πŸ’‘ When did Nepal get Interpol Membership?
– 1967 AD

πŸ’‘ When was Nepal security Police established?
– 2021 BS.

πŸ’‘ Who was the 1st elected Prime Minister of Nepal?
– B.P. Koirala

πŸ’‘ Give the name of the person who named Sagarmatha Mt. Everest
– Sir George Everest

πŸ’‘ When and where did King Tribhuvan die?
– 13th March 1955 Switzerland (Zurich)

πŸ’‘ When did the rule of Shah end?
– 29th Jestha, 2065

πŸ’‘ Which Malla King brought rectangular coin in practice?
– Pratap Malla

πŸ’‘ Who established ‘Khas Estate’?
– King Nagraj


πŸ’‘ Which King sat by ‘Pancha-Agni’ in the summer season and slept on the cold stone in the winter season?
– Siddhinarsingh Malla

πŸ’‘ Who made golden to the Pashupatinath Temple?
– King Bhaskar (Som Dynasty)

πŸ’‘ Which king was slain on accuse of having illicit relations with another woman?
– Bishwajit Malla

πŸ’‘ Which king is believed to be alive so far?
– Yognarendra Malla

πŸ’‘ Which king died on the way to pilgrimage?
– King Bhupatindra Malla

πŸ’‘ Who is known as ‘Mahanirvananad’ in the history of Nepal?
– His Majesty king Ranabahadur Shah

πŸ’‘ Which king started ‘Ghode Jatra’?
– Jayprakash Malla

πŸ’‘ Who brought the culture to gun-salute 31 times to His Majesty
King and 21 times to Crown Prince?
– Chandra Shamsher

πŸ’‘ Who is known as ‘Shirdhwaje?
– King Janak

πŸ’‘ Who is known as ‘Bullet Maharaj’ in the history of Nepal?
– Trailokya Bir Bikram

πŸ’‘ Who became king in his younger age in Nepal?
– His Majesty King Girvanyudha Bir Bikram

πŸ’‘ Who was the first Shah Dynasty King of Gorkha?
– Drabya Shah


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πŸ’‘ Which King died at a young age?
– His Majesty King Girvanyudha Bir Bikram Shah


πŸ’‘ Which King was attributed as Shah?
-Kulmandan Shah


πŸ’‘ Which Malla King is called ‘Simsine King’?
– Shiva Singh Malla


πŸ’‘ Which is the first International Organization for Nepal to get a membership?


πŸ’‘ Who had written the famous book ‘Makaiko Kheti’ (Corn Farming) in the history of Nepal?
– Krishnalal Adhikari


πŸ’‘ When did the famous sculptor and artist Amar Chitrakar die?
– 2056 Kartik 25


πŸ’‘ When was the flight Indian Airlines from Kathmandu to Delhi hijacked?
– 2056 Poush 9


πŸ’‘ From when did Radio Nepal decide to give royalty to and the singer?
– 2057 Marga 15


πŸ’‘ Who and in which the king’s reign was Kasthmandap built?
-Aman named Biset and in King Laxminarayan Malla’s reign


πŸ’‘ Since when has Madan Puraskar been presented?
– 2013 BS.

πŸ’‘ Who were the father and mother of Junga Bahadur Rana?
– Balnarshingh Kunwar and Rakshya Kumari


πŸ’‘ Who built the 55 windows palace of Bhaktapur?
– Bhupatindra Malla


πŸ’‘ When was Tri Chandra College established?Β 

– 1978 BS.


πŸ’‘ According to Nepal’s history, who led the Nalapani war?
– Bir Balbhadra Kunwar


πŸ’‘ Which is the oldest political party in Nepal?
– Nepal Praja Parishad


πŸ’‘ When was Nepal Praja Parishad established?
– Jestha 22, 1993 BS.


πŸ’‘ When was the first general election held in Nepal?
– Falgun 7, 2015 BS.


πŸ’‘ When was the first referendum held in Nepal?
– Jeshtha 20, 2037 BS.


πŸ’‘ When was the first budget presented in Nepal?
– Magh 21, 2008 BS.


πŸ’‘ When was Radio Nepal established?
– Chaitra 20, 2007 BS.


πŸ’‘ When did Shree 5 Tribhuvan die?
– BS. 2011, Falgun 30

πŸ’‘ Who was the first Mahalekha Parikchhyak of Nepal?
– Chandrabahadur Thapa

πŸ’‘ Who is the first woman minister of Nepal?
– Dwarika Devi Thakurani


πŸ’‘ Who was the first governor of Nepal Rastra Bank?
– Himalaya Sumsher JBR


πŸ’‘ Which king started the Indra Jatra, Lakhe Jatra, Hile Jatra, and Krishna Jatra?
-King Gunakamadev


πŸ’‘ Who became the first Prime Minister of Nepal when democracy was established in 2007 BS.?
– Mohan Shumsher JBR.


πŸ’‘ Who ruled Gorkha before Narbhupal Shah?
– King Prithvi Pathi Shah


πŸ’‘ Who became the king after king Girvanyudha Bikram Shah?
– King Rajendra Bikram Shah


πŸ’‘ In a democracy Government forms and collapses but that is a process’ who said this?
-Late King Tribhuvan


πŸ’‘ When did Dravya Shah become the king of Gorkha?
– 1626 BS, Bhadra 25th


πŸ’‘ When did King Prithivi Narayan Shah win a victory over Kathmandu?
– 1825 BS.Ashwin 14th


πŸ’‘ When was Kot Parva held?
– 1903 BS., 2nd Ashwin


πŸ’‘ When did the king along with the royal family go to live in Narayanhiti Royal Palace?
– 1932 BS.


πŸ’‘ When did the earthquake of 1990 which is very popular occur?
– 1990 BS., 2nd of Magh


πŸ’‘ When was Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dey born?
– 2002 BS. Poush 14th


πŸ’‘ When was paper money issued in Nepal?
– 1st Ashwin 2002 BS.

πŸ’‘ How many sections are there in the ‘Sugauli Treaty’?
– Nine


πŸ’‘ When did Piscar Murder Case Occur?
– 1st Magh, 2040 BS.


πŸ’‘ When did Tenzing Norgay Sherpa Climb Mt. Everest?
– 2010 Jestha 16th


πŸ’‘ When was Shahidgate’s inauguration held?
– 2018 BS. Baisakh, 1st


πŸ’‘ When was the law in Nepal started?
– 2020 BS. Bhadra 1st


πŸ’‘ When was King Dipendra Born?
– 2028 BS. Asadh 13th


πŸ’‘ When and where did Lufthansa Cargo Aeroplane Crash?
– 2056 Ashad 23rd. Bhashmasur Danda


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