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Geography KBC question and Answer 200+| Nepali general knowledge quiz question and Answer


Geography question Answer 200+| nepali general knowledge quiz

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1. In which Veda Nepal is first attested? 

 ➡ Atharvaveda Parisista (c. 1978) 

2. In which Puran (Hindu epic) has explained about Nepal’s beauty and power? 

 ➡ Skanda Puran’s chapter ‘Nepal Mahatmya’ 

3. In which Hindu text has mentioned about Nepal?

– Narayan Puja

4. What is the position of Nepal in the world map? 

 ➡ North Latitude -26° 22′ to 30°27 East Longitude -80° 4′ to 88° 12′ 

5. How much area is occupied by Nepal out of Asia and the whole World? 

– 0.3% out of Asia and 0.03% out of the world 

6. What is denomynation of Nepal ? 

– Nepali, Nepalese, Gurkhas 

7. What is the total area of Nepal?

 – 1,47181 sq Kilometers/56,827 sq.mi. 

8. What percent is water in the total area of Nepal? 

  ➡ 2.8% 

9. What is the currency of Nepal?

–  Nepalese rupee (NRP) 

10. What is ISO 3166 code of Nepal? 

– NP 

11. How much area of Nepal is occupied by Himalayan, Hilly and Terai region? 

–  Himalayan region 15%, Hilly region 68%, Terai region 17% 

12. What is the average length and width of Nepal?

– Length 885 kilometers and width 193 (average) kilometers.

13. What is the height of the Mt. Everest (the highest mountain in the World)? 

 ➡ 8848 Metres (29,028 feet)

14. What are the subsidiary rivers of the Koshi River?

– Sunkoshi, Tamakoshi, Dudhkoshi, Arun, Tamor, Indrawati and Likhu

15.  Which is the biggest subsidiary river of the Saptakoshi River?

– Arun

16.  Which is the smallest subsidiary river of the Saptakoshi River?

– Likhu

17.  Which rivers are known as the Saptagandaki River?

– Budhi Gandaki, Kali Gandaki, Marsyngdi, Seti, Madi, Trishuli and Daraudi

18.  Which is the biggest subsidiary river of the Sapta Gandaki?

– Kali Gandaki

19.  Which is the smallest subsidiary river of the Sapta Gandaki?

– Madi

20.  What are the subsidiary rivers of the Karnali River?

– Humla Karnali, Mugu Karnali, Thuli Bheri, Sano Bheri, Tila. Budhi Ganga and Seti

21.  Which is the longest river of Nepal?

– Karnali

22.  Which is the deepest river of Nepal?

– Sapta Gandaki/Narayani

23.  What is another (old name) name of the Arun River?

– Phungchu

24.  What is the old name of the Tukucha River?

– Ichhumati

25.  Which only one river flows to north from south?

– Karmanasha

26.  Which river enters Nepal from Olangchungola?

– Tamor

27.  Which rivers originate from Bhot?

– Arun, Trishuli, Tamakoshi, Sunkoshi, Karnali and Tamor

28.  How big is India in comparison to Nepal?

– 22 times bigger

29.  How big is China in comprison to Nepal?

– 65 times bigger

30.  What is the altitude of the Hilly region?

– From 600 meters to 4877 meters

31.  How many zones of Nepal are named after the mountains?

– 2 Zones (Sagarmatha and Dhaulagiri)

32.  Which two zones are named after the religious place? 

 – Lumbini and Janakpur 

33. Which is the biggest district on the basis of the population? 

– Kathmandu 

34.  Which is the smallest district on the basis of the population?

    –  Manang 

35.  Which mountain is known as ‘Nepal Himal’?

 –  Kanchanjunga 

36.  To Which mountain range does Machhapuchhre belong? 

–  Annapurna 

37.  Which mountain is named as ‘Pasang Lhamu Mountain’? 

–  Jasamba Himal (7351 meters) Which is the only one mountain that exists in between the area of Budhi Gandaki and Trishuli? Lamtang II 

38.  Which districts are known as the districts beyond the mountain? 

–  Manang and Mustang 

39.  Which mountain is used to determine the standard time of Nepal? 

–  Gaurishankar 

40.  Tell the name of the mountain which is nearest to Kathmandu? 

–  Jugal 

41.  When was the standard time of Nepal determined? 

–  2043 Baisakh 1 

42.  How fast is Nepal’s time in comparison to the Greenwich Mean Time? 

– 5 hours 45 minutes 

43.  How many districts are there in the Himalayan region? 

–  16 districts 

44.  Which district is known as the ‘district of the hanging bridge’? 

–  Baglung 

45.  What is the old name of Rapti Zone? 

–  Swargadwari 

46.  Which two religious locations are about 12000 feet?

–   Gosaikunda, Pathivara and Muktinath 

47.  Which is the first hydro-electric project of Nepal?

–  Pharping (1968 Jastha 09) 

48.  What is the total area of Kathmandu valley? 

–  642 sq. km. 

49. What is the length of Kathmandu ring road?

– 27 km 

50. Which district is known as the Desert of Nepal ? 

– Mustang 

51.  Which is the smallest Valley of ‘Inner Terai ?

–  Jogbudha (Dadeldhura) 

52.  Where is the sign of volcano in Nepal ?

– Dullu (Dailekh) 

53.  Which district is known as the ‘district of 52 ponds and 53 peakes’? 

– Rukum

54.  What is the total potential hydro-electrie generation capacity of Nepal? 

–  83 thousand mega watts 

55.  Which district has the most airports in Nepal?

–  Solukhumbu (4 airports) 

56.  Which district is extended from north Himalayan to south Mahabharata mountain range? 

–  Dhading 

57.  What was the old name of Swyambhu hill?


68. What was the old name of modern Patan? 

– Manigal 

69.  What was the old name of Nagarkot, a popular tourism sport? 

–  Mandapgiri 

70.  What was the old name of Biratnagar? 

– Gograha Bazar 

71.  What are the two islands located beyond Mahakali?

–  Dodhara and Chandani 

72.  Which district is located at the extreme north of Nepal? 

–  Humla 



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73.  How many districts are adjacent only to China?

– 13 districts

74.  Which two districts are adjacent to both India and China?

–   Taplejung and Darchula

75.  Which is the youngest district of Nepal?

–  Nawalpur and Purbe Rukum

76.  How many districts are adjacent only to India?

–  25 districts

77.  How far is Nepal from the Sea?

–  1127 Kilometers

78.  Which river flows with the same name in two places?

–  Rapti river 

79.  Which is the nearest port from Nepal? 

–  Calcutta port in India 

80.    Who named ‘Mount Everest’ as ‘Third Pole’? 

–  Michael Karg 

81.  What is the north-south width of the Terai region? 

–  25 to 30 kilometer 

82.   in which district is ‘Chandani Peak’ located? 

–  Kanchanpur 

83.   How many districts of Nepal have been declared as ‘Tea producing districts’? 

–  5 districts 

84.  What is the old name of Surkhet? 

–  Dovan Chaur 

85.  Which place of east Nepal is popular for sunrise scene? 

–   Antudanda (llam) 

86.  How many types of Rhododendron are found in Nepal? 

–  32 types 

87.  What is the local name of ‘David Falls’ of Pokhara? 

–  Patale Chhanga 

88.  Where is ‘Shaligram’ found in Nepal? 

–  Kali Gandaki River 

89.  What is the originating point of Seti river? 

–   Saipal Himal 

90.  Which district of the Terai region is not linked with Mahendra Highway? 

–  Parsa 

91.  When was Nepal divided into 14 zones and 75 districts? 

–  2018 Baisakh 1 

92.  Nepal can be divided into four groups on the basis of religious areas. What are they? 

–  Baraha area, Mithila area, Pashupati area and Mukti area 

93.  Which is the deepest lake of Nepal? Where is it located? 

–  Rara lake (167 meters ), Mugu 

94.  When was Nepal divided into 4 and 5 development regions ? 

–  B.S.2029-4 development regions/B.S. 2037-5 development regions 

95.  Where is Banganga Irrigation project? 

  –  Kapilvastu (Lumbini zone)

96.  Which city is oldest among Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur? 

  –  Bhaktapur 

97.  Which two hilly districts are linked with Mahendra highway? 

    –  Makawanpur and Arghakhanchi 

98.  Which districts are popular for coffee and tea ?

  –  Coffee-Gulmi and Tea- llam 

99.  How many local bodies are there in Nepal ? 

  –  753 local bodies 



101.  Which is the smallest National park? 

  –  Rara National park (106 sq km /41 sq mile) 

102.  Which is the smallest wildlife reserve in Nepal ?

 – Koshi Tappu (175 sq km2/68 sq mile)

103.  When was Koshi Tappu wildlife designated as a Ramsar Site ? 

  –  December 1987 

104.  When was the climbing of the mountain started in Nepal ? 

   –  1950 B.C. (Annapurna I) 

105.  Which two National parks are included in world heritage list? 

  –  Chitwan National park and Sagarmatha National park 

106.  What is the name of the headquarter that is situated at the highest location ?

   –  Simkot (Humla) 

107.  Which district’s headquatrer is situated at the lowest location ?

  –  Jaleshowar (Mahottari) 

108.  Which districts are included in inner Terai? 

  –  Udayapur, Sindhuli, Makawanpur, Chitwan, Dang, Nawalparasi and Surkhet 

109.  When was Trolley Bus started between Kathmandu and Bhaktapur ? 

 –  2032 Push 14 

110.  Which is the longest mountain range in the world ? 

–  Mahalangur mountain range 

111.  Which is the highest peak in the Hilly area ? 

–  Shailung (Dolakha) 

112.  Which is the highest peak in the Chure area ? 

–  Garwa (Kailali) 

113.  What was the old name of Balmiki Nagar? 

–  Bhaisalotan 

114.  What was the old name of Amlekhganj?

–  Bhichhakhori

115.  What was the old name of Surkhet?

– Dovan Chaur 

116.  What is the name of Mansarovar in Tibet? 

–  Pamachu 

117.  How many peaks are there in Nepal above 7000 meters? 

–  127 

118.  Which bird is found only in Nepal ? 

  –  Spiny Babbler 

119.  Which districts are included in Lamtang National Park ? 

  –  Rasuwa, Nuwakot and Sindhupalchok 

120.   Where is ‘Mukut Churen Himal’ located ? 

   –   Dhaulagiri 

121.  Where is ‘Singalila Hill’ located ? 

  –  Taplejung 

122.  When was Machhapuchhre Hill banned for climbing ? 

  –   2020 Falgun 5 

123.  To which mountain range does ‘Manaslu Himal’ belong ? 

   –  Manasiri 

124.  Which place is known as the ‘Gateway of Mt. Everest’ ? 

   –  Namche Bazaar 

125.   Which place is known as the ‘Gateway of Nepal’ ? 

  –   Birgunj 

126.   Which districts are known as ‘Upper Mount Everest’? 

  –   Solukhumbu, Okhaldhunga and Khotang 

127.  Which river is called ‘Mahaprabha’ in Sanskrit language? 

  –  Arun 

128.   Which place of Nepal is known as ‘Charles Point’ ? 

   –    Bhedetar (Dhankuta/Sunsari) 

129.   How many districts are there in hilly and Terai regions ? 

   –   Hilly region 39 districts/ Terai region 20 districts 

130.   How far is Bangladesh to Nepal ? 

  –  27 kilometers

131.  Which districts are known as “New Stales” ? 

  –  Banke, Bardiya, Kailali and Kanchanpur 

132.  Which country looks like the map of Nepal ? 

  –  Portugal

133.  Which district looks like the map of Nepal? 

  –  Baglung 

135.  Which is the rainiest area of Nepal?


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KBC question Answer 200+| KBC quiz question and answer

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