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World History Question And Answer


KBC question-answer 100+ world history KBC quiz QNA


  • Where is the oldest prison?
    In Athens


  • When did the Golf war start?
    15 March 1990


  • Which country is known as the ‘Lamp of History’?


  • Where is the road made of rubber?


  • Who was the singer of the song ‘The candle in the wind, the song sung at the funeral of Lady Diana?
    Elton John


  • Who ordered to construct pyramids?
    King Khufu


  • Who was Indira Gandhi’s husband?
    Fires Gandhi


  • Where was the capital of Argentina from 1853 to 1862?


  • Who is the first pilot of a commercial airplane?
    Durga Mukharjee (India)


  • Which country, for the first time, conducted a family planning program?
    India (in 1951)


  • When is Late Diana married, Prince Charles?
    29 July 1981


  • Which company produced a CD (Compact Disk) for the first time?


  • Which language was used by Gautam Buddha while preaching?


  • Which Country except for Nepal gives a public holiday for Saturday?


  • Which corporation is known as the first corporation in the world? 

Port of London Authority.



  • Which countries have the cleanest (neatest) and dirtiest paper notes?


  • Which Country uses plastic notes?


  • Which country gives official leave for the husband if his wife birth to a child?


  • When had Iraq attacked Kuwait?
    2 August 1990


Who brought the kinder Garden (KG) system in education?

F.W. August Frobel


  • Who is known as the ‘Prince of Experiment’?
    Michael Faraday


  • Who is known as the ‘Wizard of the Menlo park”?
    Thomes Alva Addison


  • Which is the last film of Charlie Chaplin?
    City Life


  • What is another name of the dead body for Egyptians?


  • Who was the last Tsar of Russia?
    Nicholas II


  • Which is the popular military training School in England?


  • Where did San-Yet-Sen go after the exile?


  • What is the national folk dance of Poland?


  • What is another name of Panama Canal’?
    Isthmian Canal


  • Who was the first wife of Napoleon?


  • Where was the capital of Russia before 1917?
  • Saint Petersburg


  • Which was the ancient language of Rome?


Whose reign is the longest in Europe?

Loui xiv (72 years)


  • Who constructed the ‘Tower of London’ located in England?
    William I


  • Who was the founder of the Conservative Party of England?
    Benjamin Disraeli


  • Who was the king of England before Queen Elizabeth II?
    George VI


  • Who was the youngest king of England?
    William I


  • Which English king used to speak only German language?
    George 1


  • Which Scottish king was impressed by a spider?
  • Robert I


  • the Bruce Who wrote the national anthem of England?
    James Thomson


  • Which is the national language of Spain?


  • Which English King had written his own autobiography?
    Edward VIII


  • Which English king had become mad during his reign?
    George III


  • Which Female ruled England for the longest time?
    Queen Victoria


  • Popular work of art was started by father and completed by the son?


  • When was Lal Bahadur Shastri born?
    2 October 1904


  • Which place in London is popular for newspapers?

    Fleet Street



  • When was Nigeria free from France?
    3 August 1960


  • When was the capital of Australia before Canberra?


  • When was Mexico free from Spain?
    In 1821


  • Who is the father of cricket?
    W.G. Grace


  • Who is known as ‘Cha-cha’?
    Jawahar Lal Nehru


  • How much time was spent to prepare India’s constitution? 2
    years 11 months 8 days


  • Where was Charlie Chaplin born and dead?


  • Which British king was known as “The Great’?
  • Which American State was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth of England?


  • Which English Prime Minister was born in a bathroom?
    Winston Churchill


  • Who was the first Prime Minister in the world?
    Robert Walpole


  • Who was Charles I’s father?
    James I


  • Which English king signed Magna Carta?
    King John


  • Which was the royal residence of England before Buckingham Palace?
    St. James palace


  • Which French ruler said’ I am the state’?
    Louise 14th


  • Who is the founder of modern Russia?


  • Which European city is known as’ Cultural Capital of Europe’?
    Paris (France)


  • Which French king is known as ‘Sun king’?
    Louise 14th


  • How long had louse 27”, the French king who had ruled the nation for the shortest time in the world, ruled the state?
    3 minutes


  • Which country’s national anthem is ‘Lord of My Father’?


  • Which country introduced ‘wearing of Tie’?


  • What was Canada’s name when it belonged to France?
    New France


  • Who translated the Bible into the German language?
    Martin Luther


  • Which emperor was born in Europe, died in Asia and burnt in Africa?
    Alexander the Great


  • Who was the first president of the Republic of China?


  • When and who murdered Mahatma Gandhi?
    30 January 1948 /Nathuram Godse


  • Who was the Guru of Mahatma Gandhi?
    Gopal Krishna Gokhale


  • Who were the parents of Mahatma Gandhi?
    Father -Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi/Mother -Putaliwai


  • To whom was the anthology of poems ‘The wasteland’ by T.S. Eliot dedicated?
    Ezra Pound


  • Who was Abraham Lincoln’s father?
    Thomas Lincoln


  • When was Abraham Lincoln born?
    On 12th February 1809


  • In which city was Abraham Lincoln killed?


Which is the smallest state of the USA?

Rod Iceland

  • When and where was Florence Nightingale born?
    In 1820 /In Florence city of Italy


  • When did Florence Nightingale die?
    In 1910


  • Which American President was good at wrestling and longJump?
    George Washington


  • Where was Mother Teressa, a popular social worker, born?
    In Albania


  • Who is known as the first man of the earth?


  • Which American state is known as the ‘State of Horses’?



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