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1.  What is the meaning of Saskrit word Nepalaya Nepal was derived from the saskrit word Nepalaya? 

  –  At the foot of the mountain’ or ‘Abode at the foot’ 

2.   What is the meaning of Tibetan word ‘Niyampal ? 

  –  Holy land ((It has been suggested Nepal name comes from tibetan word   Niyampal) 

3.   According to Hindu mythodlogy which sage (muni) was protected the Nepal and made the forst king of Nepal ‘Bhuktaman ? 

 –  “Ne’ muni 

4.   Which dynasty ruled Nepal for the first time ? Gopal Dynasty Who prepared valley for settlement ? 

 –  Manju Shree 

5.  How long had Gopal Dynasty ruled ? 

 –  521 years 

6.   How many kings were there belonging to Gopal Dynasty ?

 –  8

7.  Where was the centre of Gopal Dynasty’s rule? 

  –  Matatirtha 

 8.  Who was last king of Gopal Dynasty ? 

  –  Yaksha Gupta (Yaksha Gupta, the last King of Gopal Dynasty was childless. So     Avir Dynasty came into existence.) 

9.  Who was the first king of Avir Dynasty? 

  –      Vara Singh

10.  How many kings were there belonging to Avir Dynasty?

–  3

11.  How long did the Avir Dynasty rule? 

  —  161 Years 

12.  Which dynasty founded Kingship in Nepalese history? 

  –  Gopal dynasty 

13.  Who was the first king from Kirat dynasty ?

–   Yalambar 

14.  In which period of Kirati king Gautam Buddha was come in Kathmandu valley ? 

 –  7th Kirat king ‘Jitedasti’ 

15   –  In which Kirati king the Indian Imperior ‘Ashok’ was come in Kathmandu valley ? 

 –  14th Kirat king ‘Sthunko! 

16.  To which caste did the kiarats belong to? 

 –  Mongol 

17.  In whose rule did Gautam Buddha come to Nepal ? 

 –  Jitegasti 

18.  In whose rule had the Emperor Ashok come to Nepal ? 

 – Sthun 

19.  How was the king known in the Vaidic Period ? 

 –  Gop 

20.  What was the Emperor Ashok’s daughter’s name? 

 –  Charumati 

21.   With whom was Charumati married ? 

  –  Kshtriya Kumar Devpal 

22.  Which settlement was managed by Charumati ?

 –  Devpatan 

23.  Where did Charumati stay when she was old ? 

 –  Chahabil

24.  Who was the Nepalese king when the Som dynasty attacked it for the first time?

 –  Patuk (28h king of Kirat dynasty) 

25.  Who was the last king of Kirat dynasty ? 

  – Gasti (32″) 


Nepalese History Question answer 300+| Quiz question answer


26.  How did the Kiratis identify Mahadev and Parvati ? 

 –  Mahadev-Parohang/Parvati-Sumnima 

27.  From where did the Lichhavis come to Nepal ? 

  –  Vaishali (India)

28.  Who was the first Lichhavi king? 

 –  Supuspa 

29.  Who was the Child of Kumari Devi and Chandra Gupta ? 

 –  Emperor Samundra Gupta 

30 .  Who is the first historically known king of Nepal? 

  –  Mandev 

31.  Which was the first currency of Nepal ? 

 –  Mananka 

32.  Who is known as the ‘Full Moon of Lichhavi Sky ? 

  –  Narendra Dev 

33.  Who was Mandev’s mother ? 

  –  Rajyawati 

34.   What was the real name of Chandra Gupta ?

  –  Bikrama Dittiya 

35.  Which dynasty, for the first time, started its rule through ‘Panchyat System? 

 – Lichhavi 

36.  What was the national language in the Lichhavi period ? 

 –  Sanskrit 

37.  Whose reign is known as the ‘golden period of Lichhavi Dynasty ?

  –  Amshu varma 

38.  Which is the administrative royal place constructed by Narendra Dev?

 –  Bhadradhiwas 

39.  In whose reign was Bhadgaun made capital ? 

  –  Ananda Dev 

40.  How was the commander-In-chief known in Lichhvi period ? 

  –  Mahawaladakshya 

41.  Which government office distributed opportunity and salary in Lichhavi period ? 

 –  Briti Adhikaran 

42.  What was the name of the married system in Lichhvi period in which the bridegroom was brought after a long search?

–  Dolaji 

43.  Who, for the first time in Nepal, was respected as ‘prince’? 

  –  Amshu Varma 

44.  Which office collected finance in Lichhavi period ? 

 –  Kuther Adhikaran

45.  How was the district-wise administrative unit known in Lichhavi period ? 

 –  Visaya

46.  How was the financial centre known in Liebhavi period ?

–  Drang 

47.  Where was the centre of Liebhavis’ rule? 

 –  Gokarna 

48.  How was the group of merchants known in Lichhavi period? 

  –  Sarth

 49.  How was the leader of business organisation known in Liebhay period ? 

  –  Sarthwaha 

50.  Which Lichhavi king is known as the ideal king? 

 –  Amshu Varma 

51.  Which was the administrative office of Amshu Varma ? 

 –  Kailashkut Bhawan 

52.  How many stories were there in Kallashkut Bhawan? 

  –  7 stories 

53.   Where was Kailashkut Bhawan constructed in Kathmandu ? 

–  Handigaun 

54.  To which dynasty did Amshu Varma belong to? 

 –  Thakuri 

55.  Which office was popular for justice in Lichhavi period? 

 –  Shulli 

56.  Who started Nepal Date? 

–  Raghav Dev / Shankhadhar Shakha 

57.  Which period is known as the ‘period of dark age?

 –  Surya dynasty 

58.   When ‘Mamankal was written on one side of the currency, what was there in another side ?

–  Bhogini

59.  How much should we add to Shak Sambat to find Bikram Sambat?

 –      135

60.  Who became the king of Nepal after Jaya Dev II ?

 –  Var Dev

61.  Who was the first Nepalese monk to get to china through the way of Bhot? 

 –  Buddha Bhadra 

62.  Who established “Tirhut Sate’? 

 –  Nanya Dev 

63.  Where had the Khases of Karnali made their capital? 

 –  Taklakot


Nepalese History Question answer


64.  From where had Manju Shree come ? 

  –  China 

65.  From where had Dravids come to Nepal? 

  –  South India 

66.  According to the history, from where was Machhindranath brought ? 

 –  Kamrup Kamaksha (Aasam, India) 

67.   In whose reign was Machhindranath brought to the valley ? 

  –  Narendra Dev 

68.  Who was the founder of ‘Doya state in Terai ? 

 –   Nanyadev 

69.  From where had Nanyadev come ? 

 –  Karnatak state (South India) 

70.  Which Badshah attacked Simraunagadh in the kingship of Harisingh Dev ? 

  –  Gayasuddhin Tuglak 

71.  Who was the spouse (queen) of Harisingh Dev ? 

  –  Dewal Devi 

72.  What was the ancient name of Patana (India)? 

 –  Pataliputra 

73.  Who was the Father of Mandev ? 

 –  Dharma Dev 

74.  Who was the father of Narendra Dev? 

 –  Udaya Dev 

75.  Who chased the Guptas Permanenly from Nepal ? 

 –  Narendra Dev 

76.  What is Jayadev II’s mother’s name

 –  Vista Devi 

77.  What is the old name of Chahabil ?

–  habil Charumati Vihar (Gumba) 

78.  Who used to rule India when Amshu Varma was in Nepal ? 

 – Harsha Vardhan 

79.  Which Lichhavi king brought the Kinghip back that was lost in his father’s reign ? 

 –  Narend. a Dev 

80.  In Kirati language, ‘Nilama’ meant ‘tax.’ What did ‘sikar’ signify ? 

– Tax for woods

81.  What were the four major tribunals of Lichhavi period ? 

  – Kuther, sulli, Ligwal and Mapchok

82. In whose reign was the bridge of elephants prepared over the Gandaki River ? 

– Mandev

83.  Who established Vish Bikiranta Idol (Vuman Idol) located at Lazimpat, Kathmandu ? 

–  Mandev 

84.  What was the relation between Shiva Dev and Amshu Varma? 

 –  Uncle-nephew (Mama-Bhanja) 

85.  Who started ‘panchali System’ in Lichhavi period ? 

 – Amshu Varma 

86.  Which Lichhvi king encouraged ‘Gosthi system’? 

 –  Amshu Varma 

87.  In Lichhvi period people were divided into groups. The people living within and near the capital were known as ‘Paur’. How the people were know beyond the capital ?

  –  Janapad 

88.  Where was the capital of the state ‘Khas’? 

 –  Sinja (Jumla) 

89.   When was the state ‘Doya’ established ? 

 –  BS 1154 

90.  When did the Badshah of Delhi, Gayasuddhin Tuglak, attack the state ‘Doya? In whose reign ?

 –  In BS 1381/during the reign of Harihar Singhdev • 

91. What was another name of the state ‘Doya’?

 – Tirhut

 92.  Who was the founder of Tirhut? Where was its capital? 

 –  Nanya Dev /Simraunagadh

 93.  Whose idol was carried by Harihar Singhdev when he came to Kathmandu ? 

 –  Tulaja Bhawani

94.  Who was the king when Bangal sultan Samasuddhin attacked Kathmandu Valley in 1406 BS ?

 – Jayaraj Dev

95.  Which script was in use in Lichhvi period ? 

 –  Gupta Script 

96.  With whom was Bhogini, the young sister of Amshu Varma, married? 

 – Indian king Sursen 

97.  How was Bhrikuti known in Tibet? 

 –  Harittara 



98.  Who was Princess Bhrikuti married with ?

  –  Sronchengampo of Tibet 

99.  How did Lichhavis identify Lalitpur ?

  –  Yupgram

100. When was the duel-role established in Nepal? 

  –  After the death of Amshu Verma 

101.  How was the ‘Prince’ identified in Lichhvi period ? 

 –  Dutak 

102.  Which organization used to deal with educational and academic activities in the Lichhavi Period ? 

 –  Agrahar 

103.  Who was the founder of Sen Dynasty ? 

 –  Rudra Sen

104.  Who was the queen (spouse) of Rudra Sen ? 

 –  Prabhawati 

105.   Which currency was brought into use by Gunakama Dev? 

 –  Gunanka 

106.  Who was the bravest king among Sen Dynasty’s kings ? 

 –  Mukunda Sen

107.  How was the caste ‘Shudra’ identified in Lichhvi period ? 

 –  Chandal 


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108.  Who established ‘Khas state’? 

 –  Nagraj

 109.  Who was the first king of Malla dynasty ? 

 –  Aridev 

110.   Who was the king in Malla dynasty before Nepal was divided ? 

 –  Yaksha Malla 

111.  here was the capital of Nepal in Yaksha Malla’s reign ? 

 –  Bhaktapur 

112.  How many sons did Yaksha Malla haye? 

  –  6 (Six) 

113.   Who was the eldest son of Yaksha Malla? 

 –   Raya Malla 

114.  Who captured Patan after the division of Nepal ? 

  –  Dharmawati (daughter of Yaksha Malla) 

115.  How long did Yaksha Malla rule ?

  –  53 years 

116.  Who is known as ‘Nepaleshwar, Mandaleshwar ?

 –  Yaksha Malla 

117.     Who is the desired goddess of the Mallas ? 

 – Tulaja Vawani 

118.  Who is Jayrudra Malla’s wife? 

 –  Dewala Devi

119.  Who is Siddhi Narsingh Malla’s father? 

  –  Hari Har Malla 

120.  When was Siddhi Narsingh Malla born ? 

  –  BS 1663 

121.  In which style is Krishna Temple constructed ? 

  –  Shikhar style 

122.  How many pinnacles are there in Patan’s Krishna Temple? When and who constructed it? 

  –      21 Pinnacles/Siddhi Narsingh Malla constructed it in BS 1693 

123.  Who was Siddhi Narsingh Malla’s son ? 

 – Shri Niwas Malla 

124.  Whose statue is located in front of Bhaktapur Palace ?

 –  Bhupatindra Malla 

125.  Who is Bhupatindra Malla’s father? 

  –  Jita Mitra Malla 

126.  Who built Nyatpol Temple ? 

 –   Bhupatindra Malla 

127.  When was Bhupatindra Malla born? 

 –  BS1731 Kartik 23 

128.   Which Malla king is known as ‘Sumati’ ? 

 –  Jita Mitra Malla 

129.   Which Malla king divided the Brahmins into Panchagaud and Pancha Dravid ?

–  Jayastithi Malla

130.  Who constructed the temple of Kathmandu in Patan and the statue of Unmakta Bhairav in Bhaktaur?

 –  Jayastithi Malla

131.   Who freed Banepa as a free state after the death of Yaksha Malla? 

  –  Rana Malla 

132.  Which king of Nepal had used ‘Poet Chudamani Samrat’ before his name? 

  –  Bhupatindra Malla 

133.    Which Malla king used ‘Kabindra’ before his name? 

 –  Pratap Malla 

134.  Who was Pratap Malla’s father? 

  –  Laxmi Narsingh Malla 

135.  How many languages was Pratap Malla familiar with ? 

  –  15 languages 

136.  When was Pratap Malla born ? 

  –  BS 1680

137.  Who is known as the first martyr of Nepal? 

  –  Lakhan Thapa 


138.  Where was Lakhan Thapa executed?

     –   In front of Manakamana Temple (Gorkha)

 139.   Where and when was Lakhan Thapa born?

  –  Bungkot (Gorkha) in BS 1891 

140.   Which Rana Prime minister established ‘Gorkha Bhasa Prakashini’? 

  –  Chandra Shamser 

141.  Who sacrificed his life in Lamjung while he was protesting against Janga Bahadur Rana’s reign? 

  –  Shukdev Gurung 

142.  In whose reign was ‘Thapathali Treaty’ held? How much money had to be paid by Tibet to Nepal after the treaty? 

  –  Janga Bahadur/ Rs 10,000 

143.  Where did Mathwarsingh Thapa stay after ‘Thapa Family’ was banned in Nepal? 

 –  Simala (India) 

144.   Who called Mathwar Singh Thapa to Nepal? 

  – Queen Rajya Laxmi 

145.  When was Mathwar singh Thapa killed? 

  –   BS 1902 Jestha 6. 

146.  Who established ‘Tindhara School’?

   –   Ranodeep Singh

147.   Who became prime minister after Janga Bahadur Rana’s death?

  –   Ranodeep Singh

148.   When and who killed Prime Minister Ranodeep singh?

  –  BS 1942 Kartiko

149.   When was ‘Makai Parva’ happened? Who was killed?

  –  BS 1977 Shrawan 10/ Krishna Lal Adhikari.

150.  Who was the prime minister of Nepal when ‘Library parva’ was happened?

  –  Bhim Shamser

151.  Who were the five sons of Dhir Shamser who became the prime minister of Nepal?

  –  Bir shamser, Dev shamser, Chandra Shamser, Bhim shamser and Juddha Shamser

152.  Which Rana Prime minister had disowned his reign intentionally?

  –   Juddha Shamser




153.  Who is the first scientist of Nepal?

   –  Gehendra Shamser.

154.  When was Gehendra Shamser, First scientist of Nepal, born?

  –  BS 1928 Paush3 

155.  When was Gehendra Shamser poisoned and killed? 

  –  BS 1964 Bhadra3 

156.  Who became prime minster after the death of Bir Shamser in BS 1957? 

  –  Dev Shamser

157.  How long did Dev Shamser become the prime minister of Nepal? 

 –  From RS 1957 Paush 29 to 1958 Baisakh 16 (106days)

158.  How long did Chandra Sgamser become the prime minster of Nepal? 

  –  From BS 1958 to 1986 

159.  Which Rana Prime minister is known as ‘Rudra Prime minister’? 

  –  Chandra Shamser.

 160.  Who is known as ‘Kala Bahadur’ in Nepalese history?

   –  Mathwar Singh Thapa 

161.   Who started the traditionn of cannon firing at midday? 

  –  Dev Shamser 

162.   When was the tradition of cannon firing closed? 

 — BS 2045 Baisakh 1 

163.  Who established ‘Sheetal Niwas’ in Maharajgunj? 

  –  Krishna Shamser 

164.  Who is known as the ‘Father of school ? 

  –  Padma Shamser. 

165.  When was Bir hospital established by Bir Shamser? 

  –  BS 1947 Shrawan 8

 167.  Who got the title ‘Shamser’ for the first time? 

  –  Dhirjung Kuwar. 

168.  Which Rana Prime minister categorised Ranas into three groups A. B and C  ? C

  –  handra Shamser 

169.  Who established Durbar High School and Ghantaghar? 

  –      Bir Shamser 

170.   Who is known as ‘Tiger at home and Jackal in the forest’?

  –  Chandra Shamser 

171.  Who is known as ‘Biman Pandit’? 

  –  Achyutananda 

172.   Who is the last Rana Prime minister of Nepal? 

 –  Mohan Shamser

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