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world longest river



list of the longest rivers in the world.


River name Length  (KM) country
Nile River 6650 Egypt
amazon 6400 brazil
Mississippi Missouri 6240 North America
Yangtze 5797 china
Ob 5567 Russia
Yenisei 5506 Russia
Yellow River 5464 Russia
Parana 4880 china
congo 4700 zaire
amur 4444 russia






longest rivers in the world | world largest river


Nile River
Nile River, Africa – This river flows in North-East Africa. It is the longest river in the world.

Amazon River
Amazon River, South America – The water flowing in this river is one-fifth of all other rivers of the world.

Mississippi-Missouri, US- This river is the largest in the US and third-largest in the world by length. Mississippi-Missouri has a length of 6240 kilometers.

Yangtze River
Yangtze River, China – This river flowing in China is the fourth-largest river in the world. This river is also known as Chen Jiang in China.

Ob River
Ob River, Russia, and Kazakhstan – Ob River or Obi River is a river in the western Siberia region of North Asia. The length of this river is 5567 km.

Yenisei River
Yenisei-Angara-Selenga – Russia, and Mongolia – This is the fifth-longest river in the world, which flows through Russia, originating from the central part of Mongolia. And flows into many regions of Russia and joins the Arctic Ocean.

Yellow River
Yellow River, China- It flows through China, Tibet, India, and Bangladesh. It is the deepest river in the world. This river is the major river in Central and South Asia. Its length is 5464 kilometers.

Parana River
Parana River, South America- This river flows in South-Central American. It flows in Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, Parana River is 4880 km long.

Congo River

Congo River, Africa – This river has a length of 4700 km. It is the longest river in Africa after the Nile.

Amur – Argun

Amur – Argun River, Russia, and China – It is the tenth longest river in the world. Amur-Argun River has a length of 4444 km.



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