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 ➡ Where is the oldest prison? 

  • In Athens 

 ➡ Who brought kinder Garden (KG) system in education? 

  • F.W. August Frobel 

 ➡ :Who is known as the ‘Prince of Experiment’? 

  • Michael Faraday 

➡ :Who is known as the ‘Wizard of the Menlo park’?

  • Thomes Alva Addison 

➡ :Which is the last film of Charlie Chaplin? 

  • City Life 

➡ Which Popular work of art was started by father and completed by son? 

  • Kadamvari 

 ➡ When was Lal Bahadur Shastri born? 

  • 2 October 1904 

➡ Which place in London is popular for newspapers?

  • Fleet Street 

➡ :When was Nigeria free from France? 

  • 3 August 1960 

➡ :When was the capital of Australia before Canberra?

  •  Melbourne 

➡ When was Mexico free from Spain? 

  •   In 1821 

 ➡ Who is the father of cricket? 

  • W.G. Grace 

 ➡ Who is known as ‘Cha-cha’? 

  • Jawahar Lal Neharu

 ➡ :How much time was spent to prepare India’s constitution? 

  • 2 years 11 months 8 days 

 ➡ Where was Charlie Chaplin born and dead? 

  • Birth-England/Death-Switzerland 

 ➡ Which British king was known as ‘The Great’? 

  • Albert

 ➡ According to Greek mythology, which female was born out of


  • Helen 

 ➡ What is another name of dead body for Egyptians? 

  • Mummy 



 ➡ Who was the last Tsar of Russia ? 

  • Nicholas II 

 ➡ Which is the popular military training School in England ? 

  • Sandhurst

 ➡ Where did San-Yet- Sen go after exile? 

  • Hongkong 

 ➡ What is the national folk dance of Poland? 

  • Majarka 

 ➡ What is another name of Panama Canal’? 

  • Isthmian Canal 

 ➡ Who was the first wife of Napoleon? 

  • Josephine 

 ➡ Where was the capital of Russia before 1917? 

  • Saint Petersburg 

 ➡ Which was the ancient language of Rome? 

  • Latin 

 ➡ Whose reign is the longest in Europe? 

  • Loui xiv (72 years) 

 ➡ Who constructed ‘Tower of London’ located in England? 

  • William I 

 ➡ Who was the founder of Conservative Party of England? 

  • Benjamin Disraeli 

 ➡ Who was the king of England before Queen Elizabeth II? 

  • George VI 

 ➡ Who was thê youngest king of England? 

  • William I 



world history | world history quiz |general knowledge quiz 150+



 ➡ Which English king used to speak only German language? 

  • George 1 

 ➡ Which Scotish king was impressed by a spider? 

  • Robert I the Bruce 




 ➡ Who wrote the national anthem of England? 

  • James Thomson

➡ Which is the national language of Spain? 

  • Catalan 

 ➡ Which English King had written his own auto biograplay? 

  • Edward VIII 

 ➡ Which English king had become mad during his reign? 

  • George III

 ➡ Which Female ruled England for the longest time? 

  • Queen Victoria

 ➡ Where is water Loo situated at the moment? 

  • Belgium 

 ➡ Where was the capital of Britain before it was London? 

  • Manchester 

 ➡ Which country is known as ‘Fifth Republic? 

  • France 

 ➡ Where was the capital of Japan before Tokyo? 

  • Kyoto 

 ➡ When is girl’s festival’ celebrated in Japan? 

  • March 3 



 ➡ When is ‘Boy’s Festival’ celebrated in Japan? 

  • May 5 

 ➡ When was Taj Mahal Constructed? 

  • 7 November 1645 

 ➡ Who was the blind king of Delhi? 

  • Bahadur Shah 

 ➡ What is the meaning of ‘Japan’? 

  • Archipelago 

 ➡ What is the traditional dress of Japanese females? 

  • Kimono 

 ➡ Which is the popular autobiography of Hitler?

  •  Mein Kampf 

 ➡ What is the full name of Hitler? 

  • Adolf Hitler 

 ➡ Who was the wife of Socrates? 

  • Janthipi 

 ➡ When was ‘Rome city ‘declared as the capital of Italy? 

  • 2 June 1871 

 ➡ Who was known as the Gandhi of America? 

  • Martin Luther king 

 ➡ Who was Julius Caesor? 

  • King of Italy

 ➡ Who were the parents of Jesus Christ

  • Mother-Mary and Father –Joseph

➡ Who was the master of Aristotle?

  •  Plato 

 ➡ Who was the beloved of Hitler? 

  • Eva Brown 

 ➡ When and where was Hitler born? 

  • On 20th April 1889 in Austria

 ➡ Which American State was named in honour of Queen Elizabeth of England? 

  • Virginia

 ➡ Which English Prime Minister was born in bathroom? 

  • Wiston Churchil 

 ➡ Who was the first Prime Minister in the world? 

  • Robert Walpole 

 ➡ Who was Charles I’s father? 

  • James I 

 ➡ Which English king signed Magnacarta? 

  • King John 

 ➡ Which was the royal residence of England before Buckingham Palace? 

  • St. James palace 

 ➡ Which French ruler said’ I am the state’? 

  • Louise 14th 

 ➡ Which French king had taken bath only three times during his life? 

  • Louis 14th 

 ➡ Who is the founder of modern Russia? 

  • Lenin 

 ➡ Which European city is known as’ Cultural Capital of Europe’? 

  • Paris (France) 

 ➡ Which French king is known as ‘Sun king’? 

  • Louise 14th

 ➡ How long had louse 27th, the French king who had ruled the nation for the shortest time in the world, ruled the state? 

  • 3 minutes 

 ➡ Which country’s national anthem is ‘Lord of My father’?

  •  Wales 




 ➡ Which Prime Minister, for the first time in the world, presented budget ? 

  • Robert Walpole (British Prime Minister)

 ➡ Which country introduced ‘wearing of Tie’? 

  • France 

 ➡ What was Canada’s name when it belonged to France? 

  • New France 

➡ Which French king is known as ‘Citizen King’?

  • Louise Philip 

➡ Who, for the first time, had received the title ‘Tsar’ in Russia ?

  • Ivan IV 

 ➡ Who had introduced the world’ Tsar’? 

  • Caesar (Roman Emperor)



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