August 2023 Current Affairs PDF With Question Answer MCQ

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Stay updated with the latest events and important events of August 2023 with the August Current Affairs 2023 pdf in English. This downloadable PDF provides informative summaries of important news and events in politics, economy, sports, international relations, and more. Keep informed and increase your knowledge with the August 2023 Current Affairs PDF available for download in English. राजनीति, अर्थव्यवस्था, खेल, अंतर्राष्ट्रीय संबंधों और अन्य क्षेत्रों में महत्वपूर्ण समाचारों और घटनाओं का जानकारी

August 2023 Current Affairs PDF With Question Answer MCQ
August 2023 Current Affairs PDF With Question Answer MCQ

August 2023 Monthly Current Affairs Question Answer With PDF Download

हम हर दिन करंट अफेयर्स के क्वेश्चन आंसर अपडेट करते हैं आप हर दिन के करंट अफेयर से जुड़े प्रश्न उत्तर नीचे पढ़ सकते हो और PDF डाउनलोड करने के लिए हर एक महीना के 2pdf पोस्ट के नीचे लिंक उपलब्ध होगा डाउनलोड कर सकते हो
We update current affairs questions and answers every day, you can read the questions and answers related to every day’s current affairs below and to download the PDF, the link will be available below every month’s 2pdf post.

Current Affairs Today 2023 August 16,17 Daily and Monthly PDF

On the occasion of the 77th Independence Day, how many bravery awards did the President approve?

On which day did the nation pay tribute to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on his death anniversary?

Mohammad Habib, aged 74, passed away in Hyderabad. What was he associated with?

Recently, Meity Secretary A. K. Sharma launched the 'Graphene Aurora Program.' Which organization will implement it?

Who initiated the 'A HELP' program in Gujarat?

What is the new name of Nehru Memorial Museum and Library?

Who was appointed as the LIC MD in August 2023?

Which cricketer was appointed as ICC Men's Player of the Month for July 2023?

Recently, 'Graphene Aurora Program' was launched with the support of which ministry?

On the occasion of Independence Day, which state launched the Chief Minister's Free Annapurna Food Packet Scheme?

Who announced a new scheme to assist urban poor in building homes in cities?

Which England player recently announced retirement from all forms of cricket?

Where is the G20 Film Festival being organized?

August 12/13 Current affairs Question-answer with PDF Download

Which individual will address the G20 Anti-Corruption Ministerial Meeting in Kolkata recently?

Which state/Union Territory has dissolved all local government institutions in August 2023?

Which ministry launched the 'One District One Product' wall loan in the SARAS Livelihood Store in August 2023?

Where were the exhibition 'The Glory of Indian Art' and the screening of the film 'Birkona Pretilota' organized?

What is the name of India's first 4K animated feature film?

Which state/Union Territory has banned the use of mobile phones in classrooms?

The Reserve Bank of India has proposed to increase the payment limit for UPI Lite by how much?

Who was awarded the AI Startup of the Year award at the 13th Annual Entrepreneur India Awards?

In which district of Jammu and Kashmir did LOC conduct the inauguration of India's first post office?

Under the Akankshi District Program in August 2023, which district of Haryana jumped from 30th to 2nd position in the NITI Aayog's Delta Ranking?

According to the Air Quality Monitoring Farm in August 2023, which capital city has become the world's most polluted major city?

On which day is World Elephant Day observed?

What is the main objective of the National Space Innovation Challenge (NSIC) 2023?

What is the purpose of the 'Niveshak Sarathi' van launched by EPFA and CSC?

Which bill proposes to provide community service for minor offenses in India?

The renowned nuclear physicist Vikas Sinha recently passed away. In which year was he honored with the Padma Bhushan award?

Which state launched India's first agricultural data exchange?

Which state/Union Territory has launched CSP Plus Banking Outlets?

In August 2023, where did Amit Shah lay the foundation stone of the IFFCO Nano Urea Plant?

Who inaugurated the first flight service from Lucknow to Varanasi?

In which district of Nagaland was the first traditional Naga culinary laboratory inaugurated at Japfü Christian College?

Rajiv Gauba, who recently made headlines, holds which position in India?

In which state was the first instance of captive breeding of Himalayan vultures registered?

Which country signed the Communication Interoperability and Security Memorandum of Agreement (CIS-MOA) with the United States?

Which organization has established a standard definition for 'Water Neutrality'?

Which organization releases the 'Rice Price Index'?

August 11 Current affairs Question-answer with PDF Download

Which Indian state is conducting a caste-based census across the entire state?

Which central ministry has formed a panel to reconsider its regulations against discrimination in higher education institutions?

According to the Supreme Court, who has the authority to abolish Article 370?

Who won the Anna Lindh Prize in August 2023?

Which state government is hosting the 'Khel Maharani' event?

Where was the India Startup Festival 2023 held?

Which state government has started updating the state employee database?

Which insurance company initiated premium payments through WhatsApp and UPI?

In the financial year 2022-23, Government e-marketplace (GeM) recorded its highest-ever total business value at how much?

What is the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate on online gaming at full taxable value?

When is World Steel Pan Day observed annually?

What is India's rank in the Internet Readiness Index?

At what rate has the Reserve Bank of India kept the repo rate?

In August 2023, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot launched the Indira Gandhi Smartphone Scheme at which location?

Which state/UT has been granted the GI tag for 'Rajouri Chikri Woodcraft'?

With which country is the Indian Navy participating in the 'Jaad Talwar' bilateral exercise?

Who has been appointed as the chief coach at the Guwahati National Excellence Centre of the Badminton Association of India?

Which bank recently launched the Echo-Friendly Debit Card?

Which state initiated the 'Mau Jungle Jammi Yojana' scheme?

Chief Minister Chouhan of Madhya Pradesh announced the creation of the 'Maa Narmada Lok' at which location?

Which railway station was inaugurated as the Pink Station?

August 10 Current affairs Question-answer

Which institution approved the Institutional Development Plan (IDP) guidelines for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)?

How many deaths were recorded in India in the last five years due to mail-infections?

Which state has announced the establishment of the 'Mangrove Cell'?

Which emergency response assistance system (ERSS) is being unified with the All-India number for Child Helpline?

Which company is preparing to launch the world's largest privately-owned satellite, JUPITER-3?

The 'Victor 6000', which was part of the Titan Submersible's rescue campaign, was developed in which country?

The 'Green Diamond', which Prime Minister Modi presented to the U.S. President Joe Biden and the First Lady, was developed in which state?

Which organization issued the 'Standard IS 18267: 2023' to address plastic pollution?

Which central ministry launched the 'PM-Kisan Mobile App' with the 'Face Authentication Feature'?

Which institution issued a consultation paper to introduce a regulatory sandbox in the field of digital communications?

According to the data from the Ministry of Health, in which state were the most deaths recorded due to heatwave by the end of June?

Which central ministry has formed a task force to ease trade by decriminalizing laws?

Which institution issues the Digital Payment Index (DPI) for India?

In 2022, in which state/union territory were the highest number of deaths due to rabies recorded in the country?

Which country has given a two-year rollover on a $2.4 billion loan to Pakistan?

Which central ministry is associated with the Bill amending provisions of the Jan Vishwas (Amendments) Bill?

The Indian Institutes of Management (Amendment) Bill proposes which personality as the 'Visitor' for all IIMs?

In which state is the first semiconductor plant of Micron India being established?

Indian companies have been allowed to list on foreign currency through which institution?

What is the name of the motorsport championship for electric cars?

Which portal was launched for monitoring childcare institutions across the country?

Who unveiled NMDC's new logo?

Under which category of hospitals will the Maharashtra government provide free treatment?

What is the purpose of the MASI Portal developed by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)?

From which country did India acquire Spike NLOS missiles?

Which country ranked as the top source market for tourism in Sri Lanka in August 2023?

Who inaugurated the Port Health Organization (PHO) under the Sagarmala Project?

Which Indian actor is prepared to receive the Prestigious Diversity in Cinema Award at the Melbourne Indian Film Festival 2023?

Where is the National Centre of Excellence for Badminton going to be established?

Who became India's top-ranked chess player, surpassing GM Vishwanathan Anand?

Which Indian state recently took a significant step towards recognizing Sikh marriages under the Anand Marriage Act?

Who was appointed as the Chairman of Qualcomm India in August 2023?

Which Indian state recently passed a bill to curb cheating and paper leaks in competitive exams?


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