kbc questions and answers in english 2023

KBC questions and answers in English – most popular KBC questions and answers 2023 in English. read and view the right answer, Kaun Banega crorepati questions with answers in Hindi and English, Challenge yourself with these KBC-style multiple-choice questions and test your general knowledge. Answer questions on various topics and see how well you fare in this quiz. Latest KBC Offline Quiz Question Answer Read Here

KBC Questions and Answers In English

On which day is World Elephant Day celebrated?

Which state launched India's first agricultural data exchange?

In August 2023, where did Amit Shah lay the foundation stone for the IFFCO Nano Urea Plant in Kutch?

Where were the exhibition 'Glory of Indian Art' and the screening of the film 'Birakona Pretilata' organized?

According to QAir which capital city became the world's most polluted major city in August 2023?

Where was the India Startup Festival 2023 held?

Who won the Lifetime Achievement Award at RICS South Asia Awards in August 2023?

On which day is World Elephant Day celebrated?

Which bill proposes community service for minor offenses in India?

Which state launched India's first agricultural data exchange?

In August 2023, where did Amit Shah lay the foundation stone for the IFFCO Nano Urea Plant in Kutch?

Where were the exhibition 'Glory of Indian Art' and the screening of the film 'Birakona Pretilata' organized?

According to QAir, which capital city became the world's most polluted major city in August 2023?

Where was the India Startup Festival 2023 held?

Who won the Lifetime Achievement Award at RICS South Asia Awards in August 2023?

In which city did the multilateral naval exercise Malabar 2023 start, involving Australia?

Who was honored with the Strong Women Icon Award by the UK House of Lords?

What is the rank of India in the Internet Resilience Index?

Which state's Legislative Assembly recently passed a resolution urging the central government to change the state's name?

On the occasion of World Lion Day, which state's Chief Minister launched the Lion Anthem and unveiled the 'Singh Soochana' web app?

Who is the Asian celebrity with the highest earnings, according to Hopper Headquarters in August 2023?

Which state's rice variety 'Rajouri Chakri Woodcraft' received the GI tag recently?

Who is appointed as the Brand Ambassador of the World Professional Wrestling Hub (WPWH)?

In the World Athletics Championship, who will lead the Indian team?

Which ship participated in the PASSEX 2023 exercise with the Royal Saudi Navy?

Which of these Grand slam tennis tournaments was not played in 2020?

In 2020, Louise Gluck won the Nobel Prize in which category?

Which of these battles took place last?

In 1999, when Sonia Gandhi contested the Lok Sabha elections for the first time, she won from Amethi and which other constituency?

Which mountain peak is known as the 'Everest of Maharashtra'?

Mannu Bhandari vs Kala Vikas Pictures Ltd, a landmark case of copyright law, was centered around which novel written by Mannu Bhandari?

Bleaching powder is a compound of which chemical element?

Which of these states does not border Maharashtra?

Which of these colors was not used to mark the safety of a zone during COVID-19 in India?

Who among the following was the first resident at the Shaniwar Wada in Pune?

During his political career, former president Pranab Mukherjee has not held which of these portfolios?

I came up with the mathematical theory of black holes and received the 1983 Nobel Prize in Physics. Who am I?

Out of the Shaddarsanas (Six Systems) of Hindu philosophy, if Sankhya, Nyaya, Vaishehika, Mimamsa and Vedantaare five, which is the Sixth?

If the P in the Pincode of a place stands for Postal then what does the P in the PIN of ATM banking stand for?

Which of these food items is not shaped in the same way as the other three?

Which of these planets does not have rings?

What is the name given to the Indian government's Digital India initiative to offer electronic delivery of service to the common man at an affordable cost?

Which European football team won the 2019-2020 UEFA Champions League?

What type of rock is granite?

Which subspecies of tiger is the most numerous and accounts for about half of the total tiger population in the world?

In which sport do men's teams compete for a trophy named after Sir George Thomas?

If you stand facing the map of India hanging on the wall, then which of these states will be on your right?

Words such as 'laal', 'gaadha' and 'khatta' can be used to describe which of these items?

If someone is spending 1.5 hours reading in a day, how many hours is he reading in a week?

Tarun Gogoi was the longest-serving chief minister of which state?

Panna and Golconda are known for having mines of which mineral?

Which thread-like structure in our cells carries hereditary information?

What type of accessory is a 'Kolhapuri Saaj'?

Which of the following is the title of a TV series telecast on Sony Entertainment Television?

Which edition of the FIFA World Cup did Argentina win under the captaincy of Diego Maradona?

Osmanabad in Maharashtra gets its name from the last ruler of which princely state?

Which is currently the northernmost state of India?

Rishi Kapoor made his first screen appearance in which of these movies?

Which team, along with Afghanistan, jointly holds the record for the highest-ever innings total in T20Is?

Who is the only female track and field athlete to win six gold medals in the Olympic Games?

Which of these products used in Hindu rituals is famous for their fragrance?

Which of these is a domain name used by official Indian government websites?

With the help of which of these lenses can you improve your weak eyesight?

What does the M stand for in MSP, which is the agricultural product price set by the Government of India?

Which Viceroy is generally regarded as the pioneer of 'local self-government' in British India?

What is the popular name of the tree 'Azadirachta indica', which is a tree in the mahagany family Meliaceae?

'Benares' is a 1926 essay by which of the following 20th-century authors?

Which of the following was not a French settlement in India?

Which of these ancient Indus Valley civilization sites is locally known as 'kotada tiiba' meaning large fort?

Which of these places was earlier known as Cape Comorin?

Who is the author of 'Business @Speed of Thought'?

Which two parts of the human body respectively produce and store the fluid bile which help in digestion?

Who is the CEO of the Serum Institute of India?

Complete this Hindi proverb: 'Aasteen ka _________'

Which of these sports is played on a rectangular court?

Which battle was fought between the forces of the East Indian Company led by Hector Munro and the combined forces of Bengal, Awadh, and the Mughal Empire?

Which of these is not a chemical element?

Which of these items is also available in airtight variants?

Who is credited for coining the term 'Meghalaya'?

Complete this popular saying: '_______ ghaas se Dosti Karega to khaya kya'?

By definition, who is a 'history-sheeter'?

Femur, Ulna, and Sternum are types of what in the human body?

What sport did Lala Amarnath and his sons, Mohinder and Surinder, play for their country?

Virasat-e-Khalsa, a landmark museum that commemorates the over 500-year journey of the thriving culture and tradition of Sikhism, is located in which holy town?

Prithvi, Nag, and Trishul are examples of what?

Which of these countries shares its border with India but not with China?

Which of these Hindi movies is not based on any sport?

Which of the following numbers is a prime number only divisible by 1 and itself?

Which of these politicians was sworn in as chief minister for the 7th time in 2020?

What month of the Islamic calendar is Ramzan?

Besides Sachin Tendulkar, who is the only other Indian cricketer to have scored over 13,000 runs in test cricket?

Ranthambore, Sariska and Keoladeo Ghana are all names of what?

Which of these items is not suitable for a vegetarian diet?

Which of these is a form of Painting traditional to Maharashtra?

How many degrees does a complete revolution, or a circle, comprise?

If a convict was sent to Tihar Jail then in which Union Territory would he be?

The Indian Flying Fox and Greater False vampire are some species of which animal?

Which of these lakes is not a part of the 'Sattal' in Uttarakhand?

According to the Mahabharata, which of the following was not one of the Kauravas?

Which former chief minister of Gujarat formed the Gujarat Parivartan Party in 2012?

Which Indian king is referred to as 'Sandrocottus' and even 'Androcottus' in Greek history?

Most of the texts composed by Tulsidas and Surdas are based on the incarnations of which of these deities?

Which one word will complete the names of these three civilians honors, awarded by the Government of India: ____ Shri, ___ Bhushan, and ______ Vibhushan?

Which cricketer holds the record of playing for the maximum number of IPL teams?

Which plant features in the Guinness World Records as the fastest growing plant on earth?

Which of the Indian Union Territories has a legislative assembly?

Who is the author of this novel which has been adapted into a web series?

Which is the first law enforcement agency in India to add tasers to its arsenal?

The Daporijo Bridge in Arunachal Pradesh was constructed by the Border Roads Organisation in 2020 over which river?

Who commanded the Sikh Khalsa Army in the Second Anglo-Sikh War in the 19th Century?

Which one of the following is credited with scoring the fastest goal in an international hockey match by an Indian?

Who was the captain of the Indian cricket team in the ICC T20 women’s World Cup 2020?

In which city is the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets dedicated to the global history of sanitization and toilets, located?

Which of these names means well-spoken?

Identify this lady who was the first woman president of the United Nations General Assembly?

India’s official entry to Oscars 2021, ” Jallikattu” is, a film in which language?

Which of these renowned musicians was born in Varanasi?

Who was India’s first captain in T20 Internationals?

What was the gas that leaked from a chemical factory in May 2020 on the outskirts of Vishakhapatnam?

In terms of production, which of these is the largest train coach manufacturing unit in the world?

Which legendary Urdu poet is fondly referred to as ‘Khuda-e-Sukhan’ or ‘God of Poetry’?

In which modern-day state is Bardoli, the site of a major civil disobedience movement led by Sardar Patel in 1928?

Which country hosted the first virtual annual BRICS Summit that was held in November 2020?

Who is the only Indian to score a century in ICC Men’s T20 World Cup?

Who among the following is often referred to as 'Bada babu'?

In which language did Raja Ram Mohan write his book whose title translates in English as 'Gift to Monotheists'?

In the Mahabharata, who was the mother of Chitrangada and Vichitravirya?

Which of these prime ministers was born in the erstwhile Gwalior State?

Which leader began his professional career as a cartoonist and later founded the Shiv Sena Party?

Which of these is used to make tofu, a vegan alternative to paneer?

What are Bagheli and Kannauji types of?

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