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kaun banega crorepati online

KBC Q.:- Identify the voice of the politician. (Mayawati saying some crap)
1➖ Sushma Swaraj
2➖ Uma Bharti
3➖ Mamta Banerjee
4➖ Mayawati
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KBC Q.:- Which glacier is the primary source of the river Ganga?

1➖ Pindari
2➖ Godwin-Austen
3➖ Siachen
4➖ Gangotri
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KBC Q.:- Which song written by Gulzar won an Oscar award?
1➖ O Saaya
2➖ Jao Ho
3➖ Dhan Te nan
4➖ Beedi
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KBC Q.:- Who became the Prime Minister of Pakistan in June 2012?
1➖ Makhdoom Shahabuddin
2➖ Maulana Fazlur Rehman
3➖ Raja Perviz Ashraf
4➖ Sardar Mehtab Abbasi
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KBC Q.:- Who among these is considered as the author of the Natya Shastra?
1➖ Bhaas
2➖ Bharata Muni
3➖ Bharwi
4➖ Bhartrihari
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KBC Q.:- Which Viceroy of India was the great-grandson of Britain’s Queen Victoria?
1➖ Lord Wavell
2➖ Lord Linlithgow
3➖ Lord Willington
4➖ Lord Mountbatten
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KBC Q.:- Who was the first person to be awarded the Bharat Ratna posthumously?
1➖ Rajiv Gandhi
2➖ Vinoba Bhave
3➖ Lal Bahadur Shastri
4➖ Indira gandhi
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KBC Q.:- At the 20102 Delhi commonwealth games, Indian Women won all the three medals – gold, silver and bronze – in which of these events?
1➖ 10 m Air Rifle Shooting
2➖ Discus
3➖ Shot Put
4➖ tennis Singles
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Kaun Banega crorepati online

KBC Q.:- What is the taste of Churma in the traditional Rajasthani dish of ‘Dal Bhati Churma’?
1➖ Salty
2➖ Sour
3➖ Bitter 4
➖ Sweet
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KBC Q.:- Which of the following dish is made from Curd (Dahi) ?
1➖ Kofta
2➖ Raita
3➖ Kheee
4➖ Kulfi
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KBC Q.:- What is the traditional occupation of the Kalbelia tribe, known for its Kalbelia dance?
1➖ Shepherds
2➖ Snake Charmers
3➖ Magicians
4➖ Tailors
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KBC Q.:- Who was the NDA-backed candidate against Hamid Ansari in the 2012 Indian Vice-Presidential elections?

1➖ Yashwant Sinha
2➖ S. Y. Quereshi
3➖ Jaswant Singh
4➖ Arun Jaitley
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KBC Q.:- Which of these creatures can look up with one eye while looking down with the other eye at the same time?
1➖ Bat
2➖ Shark
3➖ Chameleon
4➖ Owl
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KBC Q.:- The ‘Jal Satyagraha’ protest launched in August 2012 is associated with which of these dams?
1➖ Omkareshwar
2➖ Sardar Sarovar
3➖ Tehru
4➖ Gandhi Sagar
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KBC Q.:- Which of these festivals is not celebrated on a full moon?

1➖ Holika Dahan
2➖ Raksha Bandhan
3➖ Janmashtami
4➖ BuDh Jayanti
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